Walther CCP Review, Features

Walther CCP Review

Walther released a new addition last year to meet more demand for concealed carry options in 9mm. Their answer was the Walther CCP Stiker-Fired 9mm. It is styled after the extremely successful Walther PPQ, and in fact looks basically like a mini version of it when sitting next to each other. But they are very different pistols.

CCP stands for Concealed Carry Pistol and is very ergonomic, small and comfortable. It is with the Walther CCP that Walther unveiled their new Walther Softcoil gas-delayed blowback technology. What Softcoil technology does is reduce recoil and muzzle flip by a reported 30%, which should make this a very popular CCW option for men and women alike. The CCP is a great example of the advances in firearm engineering of the modern age. Here are the specs on Walther’s site: SPECS.

Let’s get into some details, shall we?

Walther CCP Review

Walther CCP Trigger
The trigger is a nice and easy 5.5 lb pull. The trigger is not as amazing as the trigger on the PPQ, but this is one area where the differences begin- aside from the obvious size difference. The trigger feels better than on the PK380, which is another option for CCW that people will be looking at if they have decided to go with Walther pistols. The length of pull is reasonable and I have no complaints about the trigger.

Walther CCP Review
Walther CCP Review

Walther CCP Weight: The CCP weighs in at between 22-23 oz., making this a heavier option than some carry options. In fact, the weight is very comparable to Walther’s PPK/S model in .380 ACP. I am not personally a fan of super-lightweight pistols and so I enjoy the added weight as it lets me know something is there. In further comparing to the PPK/S in .380, I feel like the CCP is sort of a modern day PPK- sexy, functional, concealable, and yet with a higher powered round.

Walther CCP Size: Once again I will compare the Walther CCP to the PPK/S model. It is very similar in size to the PPK/S, each of which are very comfortable to carry and conceal. It is slim with rounded edges for the most part. And since it is striker-fired, there is no exposed hammer leaving the CCP well designed as a purse carry option with little to no snags. Here are some examples of size in my hand:


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