Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot Reflex Sight Review

sightmark ultra shot plus reviews

Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Reviews: There are people who visit Sightmark as a”cheap” brand, to not be taken seriously. Therefore, the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight does not get any consideration. In our experience reviewing a wide selection of goods we have seen that lots of times brand reputation IS a fantastic indicator of product expectations. However, we also have witnessed products from big, respected name manufacturers which were crap, and”cheap” goods that FAR surpassed our expectations. This is why we thoroughly examine and give sightmark ultrashot review before we offer our opinions about them. sightmark ultra shot qd reviews

Sightmark red dot sights have obtained conflicting reviews by consumers, and also the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight suffers somewhat from less than stellar reputation of some of it is older and not as robust siblings. Some argue there are better choices while others appreciate the worth versus functionality relation. For anybody that won’t even consider anything that is not produced by Eotech or even Aim Point, the value priced Sightmark brand can be a simple target for ridicule deserved or not. So, Here we Posting a detailed information on sightmark review.

How we got the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight

Unlike most products that we done sightmark review which are shipped by the manufacturer, this product was purchased after a bit of research and big-time sale/discount coupon. So, as a rule buying cheap stuff includes the knowledge that it might not perform or last as anybody would expect from top quality brands such as Eotech or even AimPoint, which cost 5-7 times as far as comparable sightmark ultra shot qd reflex sight review.
Does this work?

Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Reviews
sightmark ultra shot review

In a word, yes. We have mounted the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight on a vast array of rifles ranging from the Ruger 10/22, Keltek CMR-30, several ARs in 5.56(223), and 300 Blackout without having troubles. I even set it up with a flip-on 3x magnifier during the Rock River Arms X1-RRA review and also my sole issue was locating a spacer to align the elevation of this sightmark ultra shot plus magnifier to that of the red dot.

We really delayed this review to provide a full 6 weeks of abuse to see if we can break the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD under normal usage.

Does it break sightmark ultra shot plus readily

Up to now the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight has not disappointed me even when I had been careless and ruined the aluminum housing that protects the glass. While loading the SUV for a day in the range I didn’t notice that the sight had dropped under one of those seats.

sightmark ultra shot plus
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As I attempted to fold that seat forward to make more room in the back the Sightmark Ultra Shot QD was pinched between the seat angle and frame. I didn’t find anything blocking the chair (the black sight housing combined in with all the black rug and chair frame, so that I pushed pretty difficult to attempt to force the seat to fold. Fortunately, the double layer aluminum casing consumed all the harm while protecting the lens and electronic equipment. If this were among those cheaper and less robustly built models, undoubtedly it would be performed for. Paradoxically, I thought I’d broken the Sightmark Ultra Shot reflex sight and I had not even shot with it yet!
The Sightmark Ultra Shot QD Red Dot reflex sight has also survived being tossed around and mounted on a vast array of rifles within the course of the last 6+ months and it still functions as good as new.

Sightmark Ultrashot Characteristics

It takes just a second or 2 to place or remove it. Obviously, when transferring any optic from one rifle to another you’ll have to re-zero it. In our testing we’ve discovered that the sightmark ultra shot plus review inspection does a very good job of carrying zero when removed and reinstalled in the same rail slot on precisely the exact same rifle. I have not had issues with re-zeroing, or not needing to re-zero when I’ve used other optics on precisely the same gun, and came straight back into the QD reflex sight.
There are 4 settings for crosshairs/dot, as well as brightness adjustment for each choice. Thus, it can be put to personal preference and switching between choices will not affect your zero.
The package includes a neoprene cover which fits comfortable, the allen wrench for adjustments, batteries, and a cleaning cloth.


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