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Zeroing sights and optics with no laser bore sight can be challenging. Normally it takes several shots. Sometimes your first shots will not even be on newspaper. So then you’ve got to make best guesses about what adjustments you need to make. Laser bore sights take out the pain of zeroing your landscapes and optics. They can also save you some rounds, as your initial shots will be much closer to the middle of the target. When you’ve made your adjustments using a laser bore sight, you’ll just have to take a few test shots and also make fine tuning adjustments.

Just do not forget that a laser bore sight is not a replacement for a true tested zero along with your favourite ammunition. Lasers travel in a perfectly straight line. Bullets don’t. So, the more the range, the further your laser boresight is going to be from the point of effect.

Typically, at very long ranges, the point of impact will be lower than the laser bore sight stage. Also, lasers do not stay lasers forever. The light spreads over extended distances and the laser stops producing a fresh dot. At long ranges, in spite of a reflective target and good optics, the laser can be hard to see.

Thus a laser bore sight is a fantastic piece of gear to have in your apparel . However, you’ll still need a handful of rounds to receive your sights dead .

The 9 Best Laser Boresight Reviews of 2019

The LaserLyte Universal Bore Sight Kit has the best range and adaptability for using on multiple rifles. The LaserLyte comes with 4 adjustable arbor adapters for use on guns out of .22 to .50 caliber. The alignment shaft is short enough to accomodate barrels as short as 3 inches, so it is feasible for many pistols, as well.

best bore sight
laser bore sight reviews

The class III laser is powerful enough to view at 100 yards. But, the dot can be tough to spot in daylight. But at an indoor shooting range, it is no issue. Though the mounting system is flexible, the screws on the arbors are tiny and it takes a bit to find the LaserLyte setup for different calibers. But as soon as the device is on the rifle, performance is good  laser bore sight review ,If you have multiple rifles and you would like to use your laser bore sight in 100 yards, this really is the most best alternative for the money.

2. ADAFA.Z Bore Sight Kit: Budget Laser Bore Sight

The ADAFA.Z Bore Sight Kit is among the least expensive bore sights available. But it comes with a nice range of alternatives for a Best bore sight reviews at this Quality and Features.. To begin with, the ADAFA.Z can be obtained with a red or green laser. Green lasers create better contrast than red lasers. They are also easier to see in daylight, so long as the laser is strong enough.

laser bore sight reviews
Laser bore sight kit

So, if you sight your rifles at an outdoor selection, the green laser may be a better option for you. The laser is class II, so it’s not exceptionally powerful. The dot is completely visible to approximately 25 yards. Following that, the laser starts to liquefy and it can be hard to see.

The ADAFA.Z uses an arbor fitting system, which lets it work in guns from .22 into .50 grade , including pistols. However, the ADAFA.Z will only match in barrels which are 3 inches or longer.

The only trouble with this particular model is that it’s not easy to use. The screws for the arbors are small and the on/off switch could be more ergonomic. However, it functions well enough and offers a great deal of versatility for the price.

3. Sightmark Boresight: Cartridge Style Bore Sight

The Sightmark Boresight sits at the chamber of your rifle rather than the muzzle. It’s shaped just like a round. One of the benefits is that it is amazingly intuitive to utilize. Simply set the battery in and insert the boresight precisely the same manner you would add a round. It is extremely fast and easy. Cartridge design laser bore sights are also super streamlined . You can easily keep it in your pocket. Since it fits in the room exactly where a real round would sit, this version is very precise , too.

laser bore sight kit
best laser boresighter

However, the simplicity has a couple of drawbacks.

First, there isn’t any on/off switch. To flip the Sightmark off, you need to take the battery out. Additionally, each cartridge style bore sight simply fits one caliber. Sightmark creates these bore sights for numerous calibers, such as pistol calibers. But you need to buy each one individually. So the cost goes up if you want to bore sight multiple calibers. The small form factor implies the battery is also tiny.

So the working life is merely an hour or so. However, the laser is class III, which can be fairly powerful for such a small bore sight. The laser holds its point out to approximately 50 yards. Overall, this is a good option for shooters looking for a easy, affordable boresight. However, there are far more flexible options for people who have a good deal of different rifles.

4. Sightmark Triple Duty Universal Bore Sight: Most Versatile Bore Sight

The Sightmark Triple Duty Universal Boresight is usable on more firearms than any other model in this report. ​This unit attaches to the barrel using a magnet along with also an auto-centering arbor. Installation takes a few seconds. Literally. The mounting system and dimensions also make this model excellent for use on both pistols and rifles.

The Triple Duty includes a green, class III laser that is visible beyond 50 yards and provides good contrast in daytime . On the other hand, the scatter gets somewhat hard to view in 100 yards. The main trouble with the Triple Duty is the pivot that aligns the laser with the bore is rather short. So some inaccuracy is potential . The best method is to sight in with the laser in 25 metres , then move back the target to 50 yards to ensure that your first sighting shots are great .

Also, the Triple Duty will not utilize an aluminum muzzle apparatus . Aluminum is non-magnetic, so the mounting system is ineffective. The battery lifetime is enough to sight in a couple of firearms . But, changing the battery is not all that easy, as the battery compartment is tight and the cover can be finicky.

In spite of all the shortfalls, that is easily the best option for shooters who have several distinct firearms they will need to zero in.

5. Bushnell Boresighter Kit: Most Total Laser Bore Sight Kit

The Bushnell Boresighter Kit was created for the professional who wants accurate sighting each moment. The kit matches calibers out of .22 to .45. As opposed to use one assigned pole with adapters, the Bushnell kit includes three wheeled arbors for much more precise bore match. The arbors will fit any barrel longer than 3 inches. So this unit will operate with pistols as well.

Bushnell also comprises a graduated grid sighting reticle to help calculate adjustments and build your range card. The class III laser is visible out to 100 yards. The dot is rather easy to view even at 100 metres in daylight. This kit also has a carrying case. It’s somewhat bulky, but practical.In general, the Bushnell kit is ideal for innovative shooters who need a high precision laser boresight.

6. SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter: Most Accurate Laser Bore Sight

SiteLite produces laser bore sights for the U.S. army. The SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter is designed with the exact same durability and performance as it’s military counterparts.

6. SiteLite Mag Laser Boresighter: Most Accurate Laser Bore Sight

The Mag fits .22 to .50 grade rifles, and 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. The class IIIa laser is incredibly powerful. It creates a visible red dot at 100 yards, even in daylight. SiteLite also gives the Mag with a laser. But, that the SiteLight Ultra Mag Green Laser Bore Sight is rather a bit more expensive.

What separates this model from others is that SiteLite involves software for printing out zero goals specifically for your round type, which functions as a modification cheat sheet. Additionally, the Mag comes with a range leveler, which means you can level your crosshairs without even turning the laser .

Last, this bore sight includes a two hour battery life, which is more than enough to sight in a small number of guns. The Mag is the best laser bore sight review for shooters who want to have an accurate bore sight which also makes simpler .

7. Wheeler Engineering Professional Laser Boresighter: Magnetic Laser Bore Sight

The Wheeler Engineering Professional Laser Boresighter combines ease of use with superior performance. The most prominent feature of the Wheeler is that the magnetic connection to the muzzle. It is fast, and more precise than any other magnetic bore sight. The course IIIR green laser produces a clean scatter at 100 yards and is not difficult to view in daylight. Wheeler also comprises a reflective goal, making the laser even easier to see.

One drawback of the unit is it’s a bit bulky. It may attach to some handgun. But it is a bit too big to be practical for zeroing little firearms. However, the battery life is long enough to zero a few guns. The size and functionality blend make the Wheeler that the best option for shooters who want a simple, but capable, boresight for their rifles and shotguns.

Instead of using ammunition to get shots on newspaper, a laser bore sight allows you to begin on newspaper and take a couple shots to fine-tune your own zero. Within the course of its lifetime, a fantastic laser bore sight will easily pay for itself in saved compost. To that end, many shooters will get the best deal in the LaserLyte Universal Bore Sight Kit. It’s affordable and can pay for itself, probably several times over, throughout its service lifetime. So, get a laser bore sight and get started utilizing your own rounds to acquire hits instead of adjusting your own optics.


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